GO Neighborhoods
In 2009 Houston LISC launched the GO Neighborhoods program — a multiyear place-based initiative for revitalizing Houston communities. GO Neighborhoods is a comprehensive community development approach that leverages resources by working across traditionally disconnected sectors including:  housing and real estate; family income and wealth; economic development; quality education; and healthy environments and lifestyle.  LISC defines these as essential features of a sustainable community.

Partnerships for Sustainable Communities
LISC supports community stakeholders in defining and realizing their vision for their community through GO Neighborhoods. The program has been and continues to be co-created with the communities that adopt it. GO Neighborhoods supports residents, community-based organizations and other key stakeholders as they guide the development of their community while preserving their rich culture histories.

GO Neighborhoods community partners designate a convening agency in each neighborhood to manage the program. LISC provides funding for a full-time Community Coordinator, offers technical support for community organizing, planning and program implementation, and connects the community with regional partners that can support their efforts.

The program process has eight core elements that are continuous throughout;

  • Civic Partnership: Engaging the community in the comprehensive community development approach
  • Community Organizing: Supporting community partners in broadening their reach
  • Implementing Projects: Implementing projects that build up elements of the community vision
  • Leveraging Funding: Identifying additional resources to assist the community in realizing their vision
  • Neighborhood Leadership Development: Training to support a wide leadership base of stakeholders
  • Evaluating Impact: Examining outputs and outcomes, for telling our story and planning strategically
  • Learning Network: Sharing best practices and resources, and continually improving our work