This past Sunday, my family and I enjoyed a private suite at the Houston Dynamo Stadium (BBVA Compass Stadium). As recipients of a drawing by the Manhattan Construction Company, we were given orange and metallic VIP tickets to Game 12 vs. DC United in their suite. As we approached the stadium we saw, eager fans young and old dressed in bright orange shirts and jerseys with their Dynamo scarfs, and tailgaters relaxing in lawn chairs drink beer and talking merrily. Once inside we made our way to the suite door where we scanned our tickets to open the door. Maybe I was dreaming but I do believe I heard an angelic chorus sing “Ahhh” as soon as we cracked the door. Once inside we saw a mini bar stocked with sodas, juices, and beer, a counter with fancy dips, breads and an artisan pizza, not your typical “ball game foods”. There was also a dining table and a few feet from it was the field. The suite led into leather cushioned seating in a closed off part of the stadium only feet away from the field. It seemed as though the suite was a house with the game seats on a backyard deck. We rushed to take in the view outside and back in to scream in excitement. It was wonderful. We took selfies and usies until the start of the game. A representative from Manhattan came to welcome us and enjoy the first half of the game. He admitted that although he didn’t have much knowledge or experience playing soccer prior to his work with the company, he was very knowledgeable about the stadium and soccer. The progressed and we got real “ball game foods”, nachos, cotton candy, popcorn and the Dynamos had yet to score. They came very close a number of times but finally scored. They won the game 1-0. I will never forget this experience and I encourage you to go out and support the Dynamos and learn about the game.