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Strong civic leadership has characterized our community for decades. During the last 20 years the OST/South Union Super Neighborhood Council has provided additional leadership. In 2011, the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town project was awarded with support from the University of Houston and The Dawn Project, and for the first time we had the resources and assistance necessary to begin to move our ideas forward. As a result of this initiative, SEHTA, the Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance, was founded. In 2013, we became a LISC GO Neighborhood. At that time, we embarked on the process of creating this Quality of Life Agreement, which we consider a guide to our future.

Beginning in June 2013 and during the course of the next year we came together—residents, business owners, religious- and community-based organization leaders, elected officials, government agencies, educators and many others—to create a vision for our future and identify what we needed to do to achieve our vision. Meetings were held. Teams were formed. Strategies, projects, programs and policy recommendations were developed. Metrics to measure our success were identified, and partnerships were established. While we have already accomplished a great deal, we are committed to working together far into the future to make our vision a reality.

The driving force of this plan is our vision of an engaged and informed community working together to transform Southeast Houston into a healthy, vibrant, safe and economically stable community—a place that nurtures and supports us throughout our lives. And we have developed 29 strategies in eight opportunity areas to support our vision.

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