As stated in the OST/South Union QLA Agreement, our vision in the Health & Wellness GoTeam is that…

Our community will be healthy, connected to the city,
pedestrian friendly and walkable. We will have easy
access to fresh and nutritious food, preventative
healthcare and recreational space. Our commitment to
health and wellness will create economic opportunity. We
■ Ensure that we all have easy access to healthy and
nutritious food and support healthy eating through
neighborhood programs such as gardens, farmers
markets, classes and information.
■ Improve the accessibility and use of preventative
healthcare in our community by enhancing
outreach efforts, building community capacity to
address health issues, improving basic screening,
eliminating the barriers to accessing healthcare and
advocating for community-based and innovative
models of care.
■ Encourage active living by evaluating and improving
our neighborhood parks and developing healthy
activities and programs for people of all ages.

So on this page you will find upcoming events and helpful information about Preventive Health Care, the Park at Palm Center Community Garden and the Palm Center Farmers’ Market. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or would like to share about your experience with the Health & Wellness GoTeam please email us at or We also post information on the bayouvoices facebook page.